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May 2006

is almost here and I have some good things to share with you about how well Jackie is doing now. He will be turning ten this year and is in forth grade. He is doing really good at school. He's made friends with some of the boys in his class and field day was fantastic for him. He really has come a long way and is talking so nicely these days. One thing we did recently was make a toy Courage the Cowardly Dog, it's seen here

You can tell a lot of hard work went into it I'm sure, but the best part is that Jackie learned that it takes a lot of time and work to bring something together like this toy for him. Mom and I consider it an early birthday present and both of us worked very hard on making it really nice for him. It's nice that we were able to take him with us to Walmart to get the supplies to make Courage out of, making it for him as we shopped.

We're going to be starting a new program called RDI or Relationship Development Intervention; that just might have some serious impact on our lives because it will help Jackie to be more competant in his dealings with social situations. That and hopefully help with building his communication skills up. This program speaks about it working with any age and not mattering if the child is non-verbal, this program is supposed to help someone on the spectrum immensely to begin to build their friendships and other relationships in a fully aware and flexible, yes I said flexible! Wouldn't that be great?

So check back in the next few weeks to see if I have put up another update page yet. Thanks for coming to Jackie's Update number 8 page.