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Jackie was diagnosed with Autism in May of 2000 and recently in June of 2001 CSPAN aired the House of Representatives Subcommittie meeting in early June focused on whether or not there was a connection between children receiving the MMR vacine, becoming Autistic.

I am no doctor. Let's get this straight from the get go. I am a 33 year old Mother of an autistic child and after seeing evidence as presented by the specialists at that hearing CSPAN aired, I do believe more research is needed on the effect of a triple vaccine being given at so early and age.

The way I understand it, these doctors & professors were demonstrating through their research that there is some kind of a connection that might be a hyperimmunity issue of a young immune system coping with a triple vaccine. Some cases where children have not had enough vitimin A at the time of vaccination, were fine before getting the shot & decend rapidly into Autistic bahaviors.

I have surfed all around the net and seen site after site proclaiming some reversal of these behaviors when a modified diet is strictly adhered to. I am currently trying to learn more about how to make this transition into a Gluten Free (No wheat) and Dairy, except the soy, vegan kind. Jackie is happy and thriving, so depsite the diagnosis, after seeing so many other families coping by changing their eating habits, I am very inspired to make this happen for my little angel's benefit.

In August he returns to the school routine, but he will be going to a new school where it will be a smaller group that he will be part of and he will have more one on one interaction with teachers & two other kids he knew from this year from his previous Pre-Kindergarten Class. His previous teacher is also moving to the new school and will be the Physical Education teacher there and will be familiar to him. I am really excited at the difference having him in school has made. He listens better most of the time at home and he seems to be very comfortable with other people, both adults and other kids without my being there.

He has not had a real ear infection since getting the tubes in, in early January and for that we are really thankful. He is talking and interacting with us a lot more and he really does understand what is going on. Sometimes he is just so much fun and other times he is very hard to be around when he screams at the top of his lungs because he is not getting his way, or that he has to be patient for something to be done. He has started medication and so far we are seeing good results. I think that over time and with further testing being performed, we will be seeing all kinds of wonderful things.

One of the greatest developements is his using the potty to pee in. We have not pushed him in the least and his eagerness to do this is just fine. The other will come in time and he wears big boy underwear during the day and brings a pull up diaper when he has to poop, so we have a system between that works fine. I hope you like the new pictures we have and I will be putting his birthday ones up ASAP as we are really looking forward to his fourth birthday this September. Coming soom will be a list or links that I found intersting and useful about Autism, or related sites with latest research.

Thank you for coming to Jackie's Page. Over time more update pages will be added as Jackie progresses and grows.