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February 1, 2000: Jackie Update #3

January 7th of this year Jackie had ear tubes put in and he has been getting so much better that I just wanted to make another update and assure you that more pictures will be posted soon. We all had the flu really badly over the past weeks and luckily we got through the surgery and things are easier for him. Whereas I got and still have fluid in my ears, Jackieís ears are still clear and he is back to school in just over a week of having this flu.

As for new things he is saying, and he IS saying things now, he is doing really well with talking and making eye contact. "Ready, set go!" "I wanna go out," & "I donít wanna" He is saying these and many other phrases now and now a day doesnít go by without him saying something. It wasnít that long ago he would go days without saying something we could understand, so I know that the tubes have helped him tremendously.

He is so physical now and confident in his ability to jump, run and play that it is a joy to be with him. He is definitely doing 200% better then he was six months ago and I credit the occupational/speech therapy and the school for helping him come so far in this amount of time. He is still in diapers and shows no interest in training yet and due to the way things have been itís not a issue at the moment as I am waiting for cues from him about when he is ready to make that change.

He only recently began sleeping in his own room, even though I have to lay there with him, I can get up and he will be just fine now. He helps me clean his toys up before bedtime. He even takes his empty plate, cup and fork to the sink to drop it in there to "Clean up," so I am happy to share all these little triumphs here for you all to enjoy along with us as Mother & Marty get to see him almost every weekend unless we are sick. The last time we went out as a family Jackie was so cute and ate so good. There is no joy in the world that compares to watching your child fed himself proficiently and enthusiastically like Jackie does.

I hope you checked out the new photos I added to the photo gallery and that you check back in a couple of weeks to see the new ones we are going to be taking for the site. I have cut my hair pretty short and am sending my foot long pony tail to Locks of Love for them to make a wig with, for some child to have hair. It was nice to have that gorgeous hair and I only have a few shots of me with it to remember it by, but by the time I am thirty three it will be well on the way back to that length and my son will be more in control of his impulses to yank on it by then.

Got nothing but LOVE For Ya!!!

Take Care!