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Some great things have been going on since I made my son's first page a few months back. He has been in school now since late September and has been adjusting to that routine. He is still going to therapy and is doing great with it too. The other day in therapy he poked his head into his Occupational therapist's room and asked, "Did you have a good day?" I was almost in tears of joy! He is talking when it suits him and doing great in other areas like feeding himself, listening to us and being much more cooperative when I ask him to do something.

It seems however that we are most likely going to have tubes put in his hears as he had a pretty bad double ear infection recently, his second in a few months and we went to see a Pediactric Ear, Nose & Throat specialist, who told us we should probably start thinking about having tubes done at this point. I am glad to say that it is no longer neeeded to keep kids in over night and that was a lot off my mind. Having to face allowing him to be put under at all is bad enough, but to have had to leave him? Unthinkable and glad to say it isn't even a factor! I plan on adding more information here as things progress.

Updated January 2000:

The tubes were put in place and he went home with us and things were just fine. It worked out but it was hard watching them wheel him away as the medication that they had us give him after we got there began to take effect. I knew it was for the best but its so hard to let go and trust surgeons with your baby. I know I am not alone in feeling this way and it's my hope that by sharing that here that I can help others to not feel so bad about that helplessness you feel at a time like this. It was only temporary for us and we were relieved when he came back out crying and looking wide awake. So we had a good outcome.

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