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September 2008

It's been a year since I updated Jackie's pages and it's close to his 12th birthday so I wanted to do an update now. Things are going well, he's just gone into the sixth grade, we're still facing violent outbursts but it's much better then it was two years ago. We take him out every weekend to the library to pick out DVD's and Videos, he still tries to rip up books, so we stick to the tapes and DVD's. We also go to Walmart and to Wendy's for lunch. He usually does fantastic, but he has his off days too like anyone.

We were at Walmart last weekend and we saw a great toy playmat. It was twenty bucks and worth every penny! He loves it and we just knew it would be the perfect addition for his collection of hotwheels and matchbox cars! Check it out:

Here are a couple of pics of us both I thought you would enjoy:

Here he is as Superman for halloween:

So there are some more recent photos. I know I badly need to update the phot gallery area on Cyber-Soup, so hopefully I can get that done before the fall. These photos and more will be in the second page of photos once I get them organized and posted. It might end up being three or four pages of photos by the time I get done. So much has been going on these days, it's just been crazy! He started Life Skills class this year and we're very encouraged by how much he's enjoying school again. He has a new teacher and really likes her a lot. I know he misses his old class but the exciting things they've been doing in Life Skills have made making the transition to it much easier for him.

We went to St. Augustine during August and had a great mini-vacation. It was fun, it rained but we still got to swim in their nice pool and Jackie had a blast. We all did. We are planning a trip up to Washington DC for a family funeral in soon and While I am worried about it I know we're going to be fine. Jackie proved he could handle a few hours in the car so we should be set. We hope to get a portable DVD player and be able to set him up with videos to make the time go by smoother for him. Other then that it's a done deal. We will be away from home for a weekend and that makes me very nervous. So once we're back I will update the front page and possible add a new update here to Jackie's Pages. I will also try to not let another year go by before the next update.

Thank you for reading Jackie's Pages!