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I would like to share with you some of my experiences as a parent. Any parents out there know it isn't easy being a parent in today's world. You try to give your child the best start possible during pregnancy and from birth on, but sometimes things are just out of our control.

Like when a child is either overweight or not developing as well as you or the pediatrician thinks they should, it can be very frustrating. When Jackie was an infant he thrived and we had no problems with nursing. As parents we thought we were doing great, despite the horrible lack of sleep the first few months. But as time went on Jackie's weight jumped up well beyond the 100% for his age and we worried about him.

He showed no signs of other problems until he was about a year and a half. He wasn't talking and we figured he was just not ready. When we switched to a new pediatrician, she advised us that he needed speech therapy and needed to lose weight. Once he was weaned and his activity level increased by taking him to parks where he could play safetly. Our apartment that we had been in unfortunately had many hazards, like discarded needles from goodness knows who and way too much glass for us to allow him to go out front.

Now he is just turning three and still is not talking. We had his hearing tested, but the results showed his hearing was fine. We are still waiting for a Pediatric Developemental Specialist to make a firm diagnosis, but we suspect he some type of a sensory disfunction in the way he processes information. I take him twice a week for his speech therapy and he is now getting ocupational therapy as well. All trying to work on his communication skills.

Of course, any parent hates to think of something being wrong with their child, but not all disabilities can be seen or easily diagnosed. If you have a child who has not started talking and is almost two, I would recommend that you talk to your doctor and see if your child couldn't benefit from some type of therapy. The earlier your child gets help, the easier it will be for him or her in the long run to be understood and to understnad the world around them.

When a diagnosis is finally made I will be adding links here to help other parents locate useful information on certain types of problems and I welcome your feedback or suggestions for this page. It is dedicated to my adorable son, who is the light of our family's lives. No matter what is wrong with the way he percieves the world, therapy will help him cope and will offer him opportunities to work on himself. It isn't easy to accept that no one can tell you what is wrong and I have had to be patient because it is hard to diagnose a young child.

But for now I thought that sharing some pictures showing his progression from the fifty-five pounder he was at one year to the trim thitry-seven pounds he is currently would give hope to those parents out there whose children also have a slight weight problem. You can see from the older photos that he was a cute little chunky boy and now he is a lot thinner in his middle. All of it from just watching what he eats and increasing his activity level. Whatever problems a child faces, weight can be a big one, since so much emphasis is placed on asppearances in our society.

I hope you enjoy the photos and even if you can't relate to our problems with waiting for a diagnosis, at least you can understand that there are children out here who have problems that are not easily diagnosed. I had a tough time trying to not make excuses for his lack of speech, but now I just leave it at he is in speech therapy whenever asked about it by strangers. No parent should feel guilty if their child has either a weight problem or some type of undiagnosed difficulty talking. There are many of us out here and I hope that by making this page for my son that I can make someone else feel less isolated.

Please feel free to e-mail me feedback and suggestion for this page as I will be working on it regularly so check back to see the changes as it evolves.

Jackie's Pages were begun in Summer of 1999