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Make it so

I�ve known you many years, though we�ve never met. When it comes to your music, it�s as good as it gets. As a frontman you stand out, you sound so good people smile and stare. Partners in sound, friends for life, anyone can see how you care. You share so much of yourselves, it�s quite a nice surprise. How open and honest you all are, and such charming, talented guys. The quality of gig you produce, reminds me of what music is for. Communication on a special level, sounds evoking emotions so pure. You lit the candle with words of love, for me to use so I could better see. Just what I want outta life, and what I have to be. A lot like you in many ways, as a writer I weave tales. As musicians you give me wings, and wind on which to sail. Courage is hard to come by when you�re alone and sad. It�s awful to be in such pain, all hollow from the lack of love I�ve had. But now I�m all fresh with renewed vigor, free and ready to give it another go. Maybe this time I�ll get it right, if I work hard I can make it so.


Gratitude IOU

Your faces, are so noble and strong. I know them like I know your songs. Die Hard the Hunter, Lady Strange. In my life you�ve helped to change. The quality of day that I�d have. Reading interviews you did made me laugh. In awe of your wit and charismatic charm. You�d make me feel so safe from harm. The pain I felt would just go away. Even in my isolation the loneliness couldn�t stay. Through you I�ve learned many things. Cold reality to angel�s wings. Every step of the way I was silently in tow. Your gleeful cheerleader, just thought you should know. Taking pleasure in your every success. I drew strength to put myself to the test. I faced the mistakes of my past. I stand before you free and happy at last. Now it�s my turn to shed some light. When you read my stories you�ll know I�m right. If nothing else let me now return the favor. You be my audience, I�ll be entertainer. Show you things you haven�t seen before. Take you places in thought, all that and more. From the comfort of your couch or chair. Reading like Music is Escapism, that�s why it�s there. So Thank-you for caring as much as you do. You�ve helped keep me happy when I was blue. Best foot forward that�s how I am. I learned from you to be real, not all Glam.



If I�ve embarrassed you with my depth. I�m sorry but I hoped it�s something you�d accept. If my life had gone another way. I�d be a different person then I�m stood today. It�s amazing just how much you can hurt. It�s a strange feeling having one leg in the dirt. But deal with it I do as I have no choice. If I had not kept smoking I could have a better voice. But regret it I don�t since I�ve left it behind. Even being disabled is only a frame of mind. It�s all in what you do that makes a good life. Reaching your goals is as satisfying as overcoming strife. I�ve seen and feel it�s true. I saw in the mirror held up by you. You remind me why �I�m Glad I�m Alive.� Making a better life is for what I strive. A constant evolution improving with time. Each day like a poem, rhythm in rhyme. Testing limits imagined or real. Back to a point again in life where I can feel. Numb I had been, blinders on tight. Condoning wrongs when I knew I was right. Sometimes being right just aint enough. Living a lie can only be rough. Once you commit to moving on. The pain and heartache can�t stay too long. �Cuz I�m living happily here with my son. With all I been through I�m proud of what I�ve done. You should be proud too, think of all those you�ve inspired. And all from reaching for your heart�s desire. I look to the future and what will come next. Believe me I�m not at all embarrassed by your depth.


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